Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Hotel for Tyres – getting ready for Winter with Pulman.

EVERYONE hopes that the snow and ice which caused drivers so many problems in previous winters will not return this year, but the chances are that freezing conditions will again take hold.

In response, Pulman, a family business with Volkswagen, SEAT and Skoda retailers across the North East, is offering a winter tyre and service programme for all makes and models, under the name Hotel 4 Tyres to help keep customers safe and fully prepared for winter.

Hotel 4 Tyres started last winter offering drivers the convenience of winter tyres at excellent rates and a fully comprehensive service, all included.

Last year Dainippon Screen (UK) Ltd booked their fleet, which included a range of Volkswagen and Audi cars, in for the Hotel 4 Tyres service. A year has passed and they are re-fitting their winter tyres again for this winter.

Mr Colin Hall, a Field Service Engineer for Dainippon Screen (UK) Ltd comments: “Hotel4Tyres is a great service. We must have winter tyres fitted as part of our company directive and our Fleet Manager has been looking for a winter tyre service for a long time. We are a local business based in Newton Aycliffe and when we found Hotel4Tyres from Pulman it was ideal. We don’t have to think about it, the tyres are swapped over and stored with no hassle. It’s the storing of both winter and summer tyres and the convenience that make it Pulman’s Hotel4Tyre service unique.

The Pulman service and facilities are always fantastic, with free drinks and wifi while you wait, at least I can still continue working. Winter tyres do make a big difference when driving, you definitely feel more confident. At Dainippon, we have a mixture of Volkswagen and Audi’s so it’s great to find a service that can equipped all makes and models. I would definitely recommend the Hotel4Tyres service from Pulman. It’s convenient and the service is great.”

Paul Collins, Parts Manager for Pulman, said: "We believe in delivering a fantastic customer experience and the Pulman Hotel for Tyres does just that. We are helping our customers to prepare for winter.

"Winter tyres are a fantastic solution to help people drive in snowy and icy conditions. Our Hotel 4 Tyres service ensures that our customers are ready for winter without the hassle of storing, fitting or re-fitting their tyres. We take care of that for them."

With skilled, factory trained Volkswagen and SEAT technicians operating in the company's superb service facility, Pulman is working hard to ensure that its innovative winter offer will help customers stay safe and hassle-free this winter.

Paul Collins, continued, “we’ve developed a user friendly website www.hotel4tyres.co.uk, which gives viewers useful tips and hints to stay safe during winter, along with clear prices for each type of tyre for all makes and models. The website also has a very easy to use online booking service as well making it even easier for customers to stay safe this winter.”

A number of facts highlight the advantages of fitting winter tyres. The UK traditionally has five months during which the average temperature falls below 7C, which is the point at which summer tyre performance starts to drop away. Waiting for snow or freezing conditions may be leaving it too late to switch to winter tyres.

The braking distance of a winter tyre in cold conditions is up to ten per cent shorter than a normal tyre. In addition, a winter tyre is made with a higher natural rubber content which keeps tyres soft and flexible, even in colder weather conditions.

Using the correct tyres for the weather conditions will prolong their life, making winter tyres a long-term, cost-effective and safe solution for winter driving.

From providing complimentary refreshments to all customers, through to free wireless internet access and a host of servicing offers catering for long and short-term customers, Pulman has consistently demonstrated over the years that delivering a fantastic customer experience are at the top of its list of priorities.