Monday, 30 April 2012

Pulman Crossbar Challenge at Newcastle United

Ryan Kelsey and Phil Pearson took centre stage at the Newcastle United verse Liverpool football game for a chance to win the brand new Pulman Volkswagen up!

Phil Pearson and Ryan Kelsey
After an online video which generated over 30,000 views after only 3 weeks, starring Jonas Gutierrez, Danny Simpson, Mehdi Abeid and Ryan Taylor, Phil Pearson and Ryan Kelsey were the two lucky people chosen to take part in the Pulman crossbar challenge.

Ryan Kelsey commented: “It was a dream come true to walk onto the sacred pitch. Surprisingly I wasn’t as nervous as what I thought; it was a brilliant moment stepping out in front of 50,000 fans. Both my wife and myself had a fantastic day.”

Both Ryan and Phil won two tickets to watch the game live, an exclusive backstage tour before the game, to take part in the Pulman crossbar challenge at half time and a signed Newcastle United T-Shirt.

Phil Pearson commented: “It was great to have the opportunity to take part in the crossbar challenge; I was even more excited to go to the game and step onto the pitch. The day was great especially with the backstage tour beforehand.”

Both Ryan and Phil had three chances to hit the crossbar from the 18 yard line. If they hit the bar twice they would have won the brand new Volkswagen up! Ryan came very close hitting the bar once and was millimetres away from hitting it a second time. CLICK HERE and take a look at the attempts.

Natalie Wilson, Marketing Manager at Pulman commented, “the whole day was fantastic, I only wish that either Ryan or Phil would have won the car, unfortunately that was not meant to be this time. However we look forward to providing more win a car competitions’ in conjunction with Newcastle United in the future.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Ryan and Phil for taking part in the Pulman crossbar challenge, along with Newcastle United and Just Out Marketing who produced a fantastic video which started this whole fantastic journey.”

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