Thursday, 17 January 2013

Pulman Volkswagen showcases the new Golf and its six predecessors.

Pulman Volkswagen Durham
Friday 11th January saw the dawn of a new era at Pulman Volkswagen, introducing the New Volkswagen Golf. The 7th edition was presented to 150 exclusive Pulman customers, giving them a sneak peek before the big Test Drive Weekend. Guests enjoyed food, drink and live music while having the chance to check out the new Golf and to reflect on the predecessors with all six joining in the showroom.

Golf MK1 to the new Golf MK7 at Pulman Durham

The Golf was initially launched in 1974 and is now Volkswagen’s most popular model. Surpassing the Volkswagen Beetle in 2002, the Golf is now a public favourite, overcoming many in both design and technological features. 

To welcome the New Golf to the Volkswagen range, Pulman decided to bring back all the old favourites. Surrounding the Golf, were the six predecessors painted a perfect picture as to the journey the legendary hatchback has made. Along with a fantastic competition to win a brand new Golf.

Mr Larkin (MK1 owner) & Keith Ramshaw
(Pulman Durham Sales Manager)

Mr Larkin along with Mr Reed, Mr Young and Mr Smith kindly leant Pulman their Golf’s MK1 through to MK5 for their showroom launch. Mr Larkin said “It is a fantastic site to see all the Golf Models under one roof and alongside each other. This is the perfect way to celebrate the New Model”. Being the proud owner of not only a MK1 but also the MK4 he said “I am pleased to see the MK7 hasn’t deferred from the same quality and performance. Visually the MK7 and MK6 look similar, but it’s what’s underneath that makes the new MK7 a much more advanced car over and above its predecessor.” 

The new Golf at Pulman Volkswagen Durham

The fantastic Brian Moore from Metro Radio was also broadcasting live at the Pulman Volkswagen Durham showroom on Friday 11th in which Brian tweeted: “Having a brilliant time in Durham doing my show on Metro Radio. @pulmanvw we had a great time thanks.”

Delivering a fantastic customer experience, Pulman wanted their customers to have an exclusive taster of the new Golf before the general public. Mr Rolland Thompson, a Pulman Customer who was interviewed by Brian Moore said “Pulman is the name for quality service. When you buy a car from Pulman it is like being accepted into the Pulman family”. 

When asked why guests came to see the New Golf at Pulman Mrs Turner said “We have been coming here for years, we’ve bought all our Volkswagens here and wouldn’t go anywhere else, everyone is so helpful and nothing is too much.”

Live music from The Longsands

When guests were asked what they thought of the New Volkswagen Golf, the verdict was unanimous. Mrs Doran said “The one thing that stands out to me is the new design, not only is the Golf a reliable car but looks good on the road. My favourite experience with Pulman was buying my Golf.”

However every customer had their favourite feature as Mr Ducan said “I always relate to the Golf as Luxury Driving and high quality, the new Golf has kept that reputation”.
The event created a fantastic start to the National test drive weekend for Pulman customers. The New Volkswagen Golf is now available to order from Pulman Volkswagen. 

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