Tuesday, 5 August 2014

New Polo infotainment system - better than the Golf 7?

The new Polo infortainment system is faster, more responsive and better connectivity than Golf 7 system.

The new Polo features a brand new infotainment system, which is a step up from the MIB system originally launched on Golf 7.

The colour touchscreen of the Composition Media system in the Polo is 0.7 inches larger than the one supplied with the Golf. The Polo’s system also has faster processing times and a more responsive user interface.

Bluetooth connectivity in particular has improved significantly. New Polo enables Bluetooth audio streaming when connected with compatible Android or Apple devices. You can view album, artist, and track listings, see track titles and control track selection via the multifunction steering wheel from SE trim.

With Bluetooth hands-free telephony, the Composition Media and Discover Navigation systems on new Polo feature a new SMS function which allows customers to read, compose and send text messages using the 6.5 inch touchscreen, when paired with compatible Android phones. This feature includes convenient SMS templates for quick responses such as ‘On my way’, and the Polo reads received SMS messages out loud for greater ease of use.

Voice Activation is offered on new Polo as part of the focus on convenience and customer safety. Spoken voice commands for telephone and navigation functions help ensure that eyes are on the road at all times. This feature is a £185 option from SE trim and above.

There are two levels of USB connection on new Polo. The S (A/C) trim offers audio playback from a USB stick and also charges devices when connected with the correct charging cable.

From SE trim and above, with the Composition Media system (or optional Discover Navigation system), the USB port connects with audio devices and mobiles phones, including Apple products, to allow track listings, track titles and track selection via the car controls.

For more information on the new Volkswagen Polo visit www.pulmanvolkswagen.co.uk

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