Friday, 27 February 2015

Pulman Group Advertising

Pulman Group Advertising

Pulman is hoping to accelerate our public awareness by launching its first TV advertising campaign in 16 years. We have made our TV debut after working with Just Out Marketing to produce a major (and very exciting!) new campaign.

Just Out, based in County Durham, has produced a film to promote Pulman’s flourishing showrooms in Durham and Sunderland.
It follows on from the viral video Just Out created for our multiple brands recently, which starred Newcastle United FC players and received almost 100,000 YouTube hits!
Watch the video below:

The latest film, which will be shown during prime-time TV slots for two weeks beginning 16th February 2015. The advert features all three of our fantastic brands: Volkswagen, SEAT and ┼áKODA.

Image: Volkswagen Durham

Julie Stout, director at Just Out Marketing, said: “Pulman Group wanted us to come up with a TV advert that would represent its values and outstanding customer experience. We decided to create a musical identity, using the song ‘That’s Life’, and we think we have managed to get across the whole experience that Pulman stands for.

“Everyone had great fun on the project over two days of filming and the actors and members of the Pulman team featured in the film were all fantastic.

“The important part of the brief was to make the new TV advert stand out and come up with an identity for the client. I really hope this has been achieved and Pulman has every bit of success from the advert.”

Natalie Wilson, our marketing manager at Pulman Group, added: “The response to the last video was absolutely fantastic and there was no question which company we were going to work with on this exciting new project. We’re really happy with the outcome of the TV advert, which represents all the brands but most importantly the Pulman values of delivering a fantastic customer experience.”

Just Out Marketing specialises in TV, radio and video productions, media buying, website design, branding and social media marketing for businesses. The film it produced for Pulman Group in 2013, which featured Newcastle United players taking on the crossbar challenge, was shown in front of 52,000 fans at St James’ Park before becoming a viral hit online.

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